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Custom Orders!

Tis the season to be shopping.. fa, la, la, la, la.. la, la, la, la!

So I have received a few custom orders I thought you guys may enjoy seeing. First off is a recreate of an old piece I have done, Anchorman quote!


Second is a piece with a quote from the movie Empire Records! So if you don’t get the reference that maybe because you have never seen the movie, check it out.. definitely a cult classic!

And the latest is a Star Wars reference, if you needed reminding but I am sure you didn’t 😉


Fresh Ingredients Make It

Tonight I cooked dinner for me and my boyfriend. I am trying to be more proactive about using fresh ingredients in my cooking. It is true, once you start the culinary program you will see food in such a different light. So tonight I decided to make jambalaya from scratch.. I found a recipe online and followed it, maybe added a little extra spices.. and it still wasn’t spicy enough for me! But aside from that it turned out nicely, but I would hardly compare it to the jambalaya I have had in New Orleans. Here are some pictures of me preparing and the finished product 🙂


Dear God

“Please make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away..” I finally finished up the newest embroidery to my collection of tattoo flash on my etsy shop! You might have caught a couple of “in-progress” pictures so I thought I would share my finished pictures 🙂

Culinary School

Has been a lot more difficult than I thought. Right now I am sorta bummed that I am wait listed for 3 of my next classes. With the program you have to take a lot of classes in a certain order, which may mean next semester I will take 0 actually cooking classes. I am about 4 classes away from having my associates finished and then it will be ONLY cooking classes. I am thankful to be back in school and doing something that truly interests me, and well most the world.. people love to eat, and I love cooking and watching them enjoy it. Here are a couple of pictures from our class that we have managed to sneak here and there, it is usually all business!


New To The Shop!

Lately I have been adding lots of new piece in the shop that I have never stitched before. It feels amazing to be designing little cross-stitches again. I feel I may retire a few so I can truly enjoy doing more new pieces. Here are a few new listings I had added to the shop, of course I also offer pdf patterns for those who like to stitch and enjoy my sense of humor. ha


Embroidery.. It’s a constant WIP!

  I pick up embroidery here and there in between the cross-stitch. It is a nice break from the blocks and I really enjoy the artistic freedom that comes with it. This year I made it a goal to get back into it a little and I really feel I set a goal I accomplished this year! I have received a lot of compliments for the pieces I stitched this year and it just encourages me to stitch more and more.

So here is my newest! Artwork by Don Chuck Carvalho, super talented guy.. please don’t steal the art!


Happy Halloween!!

My friend James posted a really neato blog today featuring an embroidery I did for a friend earlier this year. His site is super cool if you are into ‘Star Wars’ as I am! Go check out

The Biggest Work In Progress Yet

A blog, a website, both? Honestly I had a blog that was somewhat successful, by my standards, on blogspot/blogger but due to someone hacking my old gmail account and changing the password it seems it is forever lost. I am destined once again to start all over, again, and that idea seems tedious but I miss having one location to share everything. Lately I have been feeling very stretched between facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.. I am hoping that this can be my new home, eventually.. so please stay tuned for big changes! 😀

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